Shopping Tips

In addition to considering our 10 simple shopping tips below, when searching for the perfect new mattress, it’s important to consider the following: comfort, support, durability, size, warranty, and where to shop. Remember to ask plenty of questions and take time doing your research. We spend one-third of our lives in bed, so the energy and time you invest in shopping for your new mattress is energy and time well spent.


  1. Do your research. Talk to friends and family about their mattress shopping experiences. Get recommendations from trusted sources, such as Serta’s Ratings & Reviews where real owners share their feedback.
  2. Make a list about your current mattress. What do you like about it? What don’t you like? Why are you now shopping for a new one?
  3. Talk to your partner and be sure to understand what he/she wants from a new mattress.
  4. Shop at a retailer you trust. Know your retailer’s return, exchange and warranty policy before you buy so there are no surprises.
  5. Shop for a name brand you trust, like Serta.
  6. Try out several types of mattresses with your partner, and be sure to wear comfortable clothes. There is no substitute for laying down on a mattress to know whether or not it’s comfortable for you and your partner.
  7. Put price in perspective. You will spend 1/3 of your life in bed, so you should look at a new mattress as an investment in yourself. Remember that a new mattress will last several years.
  8. Take care of your new investment. Your new mattress should last you several years, which means you need to care for it. Make sure you are using proper support and a mattress protector.
  9. Make sure your fitted sheets really fit. Deep-pocket sheets are carried by most major linen retailers and are designed for extra thick and pillow top beds. Explore our selection of sheets, designed to be comfortable during all seasons.
  10. While you won’t go to jail for doing so, do not tear off the law tag at the end of your mattress. It has important manufacturing information about your mattress that you will need in the event of a warranty claim. Learn more about Serta’s Product Warranty and Registration.

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