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Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to visit us in person at our furniture store and showroom to experience firsthand the level of quality and personal service we stand for.

You will discover that HeartCraft quality outshines anything you will find at a big-box retailer. Our superior products are made in the USA, mostly right here in Pennsylvania in small family shops. You can count on each piece of furniture or other product to serve you with excellence and style. Our furniture comes with guarantees, some extending up to 25 years.

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At HeartCraft Furniture we specialize in building and installing custom kitchen and bath cabinets. Local craftsmen build the indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, storage sheds, and gazebos that make your home special.

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A personal note from the president

Since my earliest recollections, Dad built cabinets in his small woodworking shop in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. During my growing up years, I spent a lot of time tinkering with wood scraps, sweeping up sawdust from Dad’s lathe, and simply getting in the way.

When I was older, I discovered my own interest in designing and creating quality handcrafted furniture and cabinets. In 1998 I started my own shop making custom furniture, and Dad and I worked back and forth between our two locations. Eventually my brothers Jeremy and Joshua joined our team. Today we still work alongside each other.

In 2007 we purchased a retail furniture store in Elysburg, Pennsylvania. This new venture allowed us to showcase our own custom craftsmanship, as well as products from other local woodworkers.

That’s the story behind HeartCraft Furniture. Whether you need a mattress, a new kitchen, or a gazebo or storage shed, you’ll find it right here.

We look forward to serving you in person.

-Michael Stauffer

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